Our Team

Graham de Freitas

Chairman of the Board

Graham deFrietas

Graham de Freitas is an International Director of the Global Country of World Peace, Netherlands, and Administrator for 10 countries. He is also Program Manager for Seeds of Heaven, a non-profit organization that is supporting education and health projects in 17 countries.

Dr. de Freitas taught the Science and Technology of Consciousness at Maharishi University of Management, Iowa USA (1997-2005). He was a member of the national administration group for the Transcendental Meditation program in the US from 1982 to 1994. Education: M.A. (Economics) University of Cambridge; M.S. (Agricultural Economics) Michigan State University; Ph.D. (Science and Technology of Consciousness) Maharishi University of Management.

Alex Green

Board Member

Alex Green

During his 55 years of work experience Alex has been fortunate to work with many exceptional people committed to excellence in all that they do. From billionaire hi-tech CEO’s to ranch foremen to master craftsmen to migrant laborers in the fields many have inspired him by their skill in action naturally demonstrating that a good solution to a problem will solve many other problems at the same time. Alex is delighted to be a father and grandfather of wonderful young people and enjoys doing all he can to help create a better world. Instructor Transcendental Meditation (1970); Co-founder and President of Global Integration Technologies from 1980 to 1985; owner and general manager of American Pride Soyfoods from 1986 to 2007; Invincible America Assembly (2009 to present).
Holds MA in Interdisciplinary Study, MIU (1975); MS in Analysis, Policy and Planning, Florida State University (1977); Honorary doctorate, Maharishi University of World Peace (2005).

Reuven Zelinkovsky

Board Member and CEO

Reuven Zelinkovsky

An electronic engineer, (Cum Laude, Technion, Israel), teacher and inventor. One of his initiatives––doubling the transmission capacity of telephone lines––transformed the small Israeli company ECI into ECI-Telecom, a leading multinational corporation. Reuvens has managed many IT projects involving hundreds of engineers and technicians. In 1980, inspired by the scientifically proven effectiveness of Maharishi's peace creating technologies, he left his job and volunteered, full time, to promote them. He has led many peace projects, for example: Administrative Director of the International Peace Project in the Middle East (1983), Chairman of the Natural Law Party of Israel (1999), Director of an international World Peace Assembly in Jerusalem (2000)), and more... He has extensive experience with internet technologies and marketing. In 2009 he pioneered the introduction of a novel internet marketing system, currently used successfully, by many TM organizations worldwide. In 2013 he initiated ShoPeace.