Amount of Organic Farmland Continues to Increase 

More land is going to organic farming, according to the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL and IFOAM. The amount of revenue created by organic food products continues to increase in many countries.

By Shannon Steinkamp

A report by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL and IFOAM shows growth in the amount of hectares organically farmed. The amount of land increased by 7.5 million hectares in 2016, totaling 57.8 million hectares, and it is the largest growth recorded.

Organic Food Markets Around the World

According to a market research company, Ecovia Intelligence, the global market for organic food has reached an astounding US$ 89.7 billion, more than € 80 billion, in 2016.

The United States is leading the global market on organic food with a total of € 38.9 billion, followed by Germany at € 9.5 billion, France at € 6.7 billion, and China at € 5.9 billion.

The majority of markets continued their exponential double-digit growth in 2016. The market in France grew by 22%, and the country with the highest per capita spending on organic products was Switzerland at € 274. Additionally, Denmark possessed the greatest market share; organic products made up 9.7% of the total food market.

Organic Producers

The 2016 organic producers were reported in addition to organic markets, and there were 2.7 million organic producers. India is the country with the greatest number of producers at 835,200. Uganda is the second greatest at 210,352, and Mexico follows at 210,000.

Land for Organic Agricultural

While it is not the greatest producer, Australia possesses 27.2 million hectares dedicated to organic farming, making it the country with the largest organic agricultural area. Argentina follows at 3 million hectares for organic food products, and China is next with 2.3 million hectares.

Oceania has the largest amount of organic farm land at 27.3 million hectares with Europe having 13.5 million hectares and Latin America 7.1 million hectares.

The countries with the majority of their agricultural land dedicated to organic farming are:  Liechtenstein with 37.7%, French Polynesia with 31.3%, and Samoa with 22.4%.

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