Invincible Defense for Nepal

As part of a program known as Invincible Defense Technology (IDT), the school children of Nepalese army personnel are learning Transcendental Meditation; and soon they will be learning the TM-Sidhi program, which they will do in groups, to produce an invisible, yet invincible, defense shield for Nepal.

By Hugh Finlay

Schools used by children of army personnel in Nepal have been learning Transcendental Meditation, and the results have been very promising.
As TM teacher Ms. Pappy Regmi said: "After the students mastered the simple, natural, and easy-to-learn TM procedure, we noticed positive changes in them,. They were less irritable, aggressive and destructive in nature than before. Many students improved their academic performance. This non-religious scientifically-validated technique is helping the students in their overall development."
The former Principal of one of the schools, Mr. Samim Anwar Shamim, also noticed changes in the students since they learned TM, saying that TM " ...greatly reduced the abuse problems and antisocial behavior of students. It has been the best tool to maintain discipline and healthy environment in the premises of the army school."

Scientific Research on TM

Almost 400 peer reviewed studies worldwide have shown that TM has numerous benefits for physical and mental health and overall wellbeing. This is because TM is able to deal with the root of many pathological and psychological problems, by reducing stress and tiredness, through the deep relaxation that comes from doing TM. Clinical trials show reductions in high blood pressure, smoking, alcohol use anxiety, insulin resistance, hardening of the arteries and an almost 50% reduction in heart disease.
Other benefits that come from doing TM are promotion of development and resilience, and most interestingly from the military point of view, TM dramatically reduces burnout and post-traumatic stress symptoms.

Nepal Military Adopts TM

As a result of the obvious benefits of TM in one of the army schools, the Nepal Army Welfare Directorate decided to introduce TM to all the army schools in Nepal. Soon the schools will be receiving the advanced program, known as the TM-Sidhi Program, which the students will practice in a group to produce an invincible shield of defense for the whole of Nepal, as advocated by the founder of the TM Movement, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. This will be the Invincible Defense Technology (IDT) fully operating, providing the atmosphere where enemies do not exist for the country, thus providing automatic national defense. Not only will they provide invincible defense, but also solve the other problems of the country, because it will be attending to the basic cause of all problems in the country: stress.
These groups are able to do this because they are operating from the simplest form of human awareness, which also happens to be the simplest, most basic field of the universe, the Unified Field of all the laws of nature, discovered by the latest knowledge of quantum physics. It has been lack of contact with this most basic field which has been at the root of all war and problems.

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