Cold Spot Indicates Another Universe?

A unusual Cold Spot has been spotted in the map of the universe, prompting some scientists to speculate that it is a collision point with another universe. There is much debate about it, and still more data to come in to see what might be the cause of the Cold Spot.

By Hugh Finlay

A strange cold spot has been seen in the map of our universe, and a theory from some scientists is that this cold spot is a collision spot between our universe and another universe. For decades scientists have been studying the temperature of the universe and they have discovered that the temperature of the universe is remarkably uniform, at 3 Kelvin or -445 degrees F, having cooled down over millions of years from the original really hot temperature after the Big Bang. This uniform temperature of the universe is known to scientists as the cosmic microwave background (CMB). However, looking more closely at the universe, new satellites such as COBE and Planck have shown that there are small variations, in the previously thought, uniform temperature of the CMB. These small variations in temperature throughout the universe are thought to be expanded versions of subatomic variations that were present at the time of the Big Bang. This is a fascinating idea that come from these observations. But another temperature variation in the map of the universe has been discovered which brings forth an even more fascinating idea.

Enter The Cold Spot

There is a particular spot of the sky which is even colder than even the other minor variartions (150 microkelvins colder), and it covers quite a big area of the universe. Some scientists have put forward the theory that the Cold Spot represents the point where are universe has bumped into another universe. some scientists have contended that this is an area of space where there are fewer galaxies thus explaining the Cold Spot. But this theory does not hold up, as there are not fewer galaxies in this area. The debate still rages between those who believe that the Cold Spot is simply a void, an area of space with fewer than usual galaxies and those scientists who say that the Cold Spot is an area is touching another universe created by 'eternal inflation', the polarization signal of a collision between the universes.
More data that is still to come in from European Space Agency's Planck Satellite will help to throw more light on whether this theory is correct. Says Tom Shanks of Durham University, in the UK., if a polarization signal is found by the Planck satellite, a collision between our universe and another universe would "become the most plausible explanation, believe it or not." If this is so it will have an enormous effect, one might say universal effect on our view of life.

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