Rough Sleepers in Scotland Find Friends to Help Them on Their Feet

Mar 16, 2018 - United Kingdom

Communities in Scotland strive to help those who find themselves struggling with homelessness. One sandwich chain owner vows to help provide permanent housing for hundreds.


IAA Dramatically Reduces National Drug Abuse Rate

Jul 25, 2017 - United States

Drug deaths fell by over 30% during 2007-10, when the Invincible America Assembly was at its biggest size. 2 other recent studies found a reduction in violent crime and road accidents. During 2007-10 the IAA group had the necessary number (1,725) to produce the 1% Effect for the nation. This is yet another study which supports the theory that the IAA is having a powerful effect on the nation.


Ban On Junk Food Ads

May 20, 2017 - United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, the Labour Party has proposed a ban on all junk food products on TV, during the hours when children would be watching (up to 9.00 pm). The proposal, which has been prompted by parents concern about the growing obesity rate among children, would include a plan to make Britain's children the healthiest in the world.


Transcendental Meditation - A Powerful Remedy for Stress In Prisons

May 04, 2017 - United States

A number of studies have shown that Transcendental Meditation is effective in dealing with stress-related problems of people in prison. Prisoners doing TM had significantly less anxiety, less substance abuse, and less recidivism, than other prisoners in the same prisons, who were not doing TM. Apart from 2 recent studies published in The Permanente Journal, there are 12 other supporting studies.