David Lynch Speaks About The Transcendental Meditation Technique

The legendary filmmaker David Lynch summarizes Maharishi's explanation of consciousness, which brings together the modern understanding of the Unified Field of Natural Law, with the Vedic understanding of consciousness as the source of all existence.  The field of consciousness can be directly experienced and enlivened within the mind of each individual, for increased creativity, energy and joy.

By Joseph Boxerman

Three hundred years ago scientists started looking beneath the surface observable phenomena to find molecules, atoms, electrons, neutrons and protons.

Then they found smaller and smaller particles.  Then, at the basis of all the particles, they found four fundamental forces of Nature [Note: These are the electromagnetic force - responsible for all easily observable phenomena, the weak force - responsible for radiation, the strong force - which holds the atomic nucleus together, and gravity.]

Then, 30 years ago, the scientists found that all these apparently separate forces are just the expression of one underlying field, the Unified Field.  Everything that is a thing ultimately emerges from this Unified Field, which is no thing.  It is “unmanifest.”  It is a field of unity - it is oneness.  You cannot get there - it is unmanifest.

But with Transcendental Meditation, you are given a “mantra” a life-supporting sound thought, life-supporting at all the deeper levels of existence.

The mantra is the key that opens the door by turning the awareness within and you naturally dive into the deeper levels of your own consciousness.  Each deeper level of mind and intellect has more happiness. Our attention is naturally drawn to those increased levels of happiness within, that correspond to the deeper, more abstract, levels of matter.

At the deepest level, the “borderline of the intellect” you “transcend.”  You transcend, or go beyond, duality, relativity, and experience “oneness.”  Pure, unbounded, infinite consciousness.

This pure consciousness has qualities:  Infinite creativity, intelligence, energy, love, power, bliss, dynamic peace.

Always was, always will be - it is unbounded, eternal, immutable consciousness - fullness.  And any human being can easily and effortlessly experience this through Transcendental Meditation.

Transcendental Meditation is a vehicle to get you there. 

When you experience this level, you enliven it in your life and it grows.  “IT” is the “I-amness” of life.  It is life itself.  And tied to consciousness is creativity, intelligence, energy, love, power, bliss, dynamic peace.  The light of unity - all-positive for life.

So you experience this, and enliven it in your life, and your “limited ball of consciousness,” which you thought would stay the same for the rest of your life, starts expanding.  And all those good qualities start expanding, so that day by day you are growing and your growing ball of consciousness starts to encompass the sub-conscious.

The side-effect of this is that negativity starts to recede - tension, stress, anxiety, sorrow, depression, anger, hate, fear.  These have no place in the light of consciousness.  They start to go. 

So you give a student this technique that is easy to do.  It is not concentration.  It is not contemplation. Both of these techniques just keep you right on the surface level of experience.  So with these you are NOT transcending.

By contrast, it is the inner field of unity that does everything for the human being, and you experience directly when you get there - when you transcend. This is what we mean by Transcendental Consciousness, just one of many names for this field of life. 

It has been called “The Dao,” the “Kingdom of Heaven,” the “Absolute,” “Totality.”   In the ancient Vedic language it is called “Atma.”   It is our “Self.”  We know it by being it!

Then we start of unfold our full potential as a human being.  The state of full potential of the human being is called “Enlightenment.”

And, through regular practice of Transcendental Meditation people can unfold their own state of Enlightenment.

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