What You Should Know About Fats and Sugars

Dr. Rainer Picha, Minister of Health for the Global Country of World Peace, reveals the facts about fats (oils) and sugars; including which are the best fats to take, and details about Omega 3. Also, which sugars to take, and which to avoid.

By Hugh Finlay

Interview Highlights

Maharishi Global Family Chat


An Introduction To Fats

  • Why fats are important for good health.
    • Fat as one of the 3 types of fuel needed by the body.
  • How much fat is needed, according to your lifestyle, and location in the world.

Types Of Fats

  • The difference between saturated fat, mono saturated fat and polyunsaturated fat.
    • Explains the composition of fats, and how they are absorbed into the body.
  • The importance of Omega 3, and which foods to get it from.
  • The dangers of trans fats.
  • The right balance of oils to take, and the difference between ALA, EPA and DHA oils.


  • Why it is better to avoid sugar and fructose in processed food.
    • Charts how sugar consumption has increased in modern times, and explains how this has lead to health problems.
  • A technique for making healthy food choices.


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