Exercise Explained

Discover why exercise is so important for your health, and what sort of exercise is best for you, in this interview with Dr. Rainer Picha, Minister of Health of the GCWP, and Dr. Peter Swan, Minister of Communications of the GCWP.

By Hugh Finlay

Exercise explained in the light of Maharishi's approach to health, which includes anything which has been shown by modern science to work.

  • Why exercise is important for our health.
    • How exercise prolongs the lifespan.
    • Which diseases are reduced by exercise.
  • The unique approach to exercise offered by Maharishi Ayurveda, and how to exercise without straining.
  • The different types of exercise and why each of them is important.
  • What is the optimum amount of exercise to take.
  • How exercise is affects our sleep.
  • How exercise improves the functioning of the brain, and how the brain cleans itself during sleep.
  • Why exercise makes us happier and more efficient.

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