The Secrets Of Milk

Dr. Rainer Picha, the Minister of Health for the Global Country of World Peace, reveals in detail the many secrets of milk, covering: the health benefits of milk, how to consume it, its composition, the best type of milk, omega 3, buttermilk, lassi, the health benefits of ghee and takra, dealing with milk allergies, and much more...

By Hugh Finlay


The Health Benefits Of Milk

Milk and ghee are natural Rasayanas (the Ayurvedic term for promoting longevity and health). This interview shows you how milk and ghee can nourish the 7 tissues of the body, bringing balance to the emotions, and 3 Doshas (the 3 basic elements of Ayurveda, vata, pitta, kapha). This produces Ojas, the most refined product of digestion in the body, which brings energy, immunity, happiness and bliss.

How To Consume Milk

How to prepare and consume milk, so that the milk is easier to digest, and which herbs to add to milk, to make it even easier to digest. Which type of foods we should take, and not take, with milk, and when to drink milk, to avoid digestive problems.

The Composition Of Milk

The components of milk, how they can benefit our health, and why whey protein is so good for our health.

Commercial Forms Of Milk

The difference between the following types of milk:

  1. Raw, non-pasteurized, non-homogenized. 
  2. Fresh pasteurized milk 
  3. ESL (Extended Self Life) milk 
  4. UHT (Ultra High Temperature) milk 
  5. Sterilized milk 

Which Is Best

The advantages, and disadvantages, of these types of milk:

  1. Pasteurized milk 
  2. Raw milk
  3. Skimmed milk 
  4. Homogenized milk 
  5. UHT 
  6. Sterilization 
  7. Boiling milk 

Dealing With Milk Allergies

The mechanics of milk allergies, and how to minimize the possibility of allergies.

A1 And A2 Types Of Milk

Discover the two important variations of milk: A1 and A2, and find out which one is best to take for your health.

Omega 3 And Milk

Which types of milk has the most and least omega 3, and the most and least saturated fat.

Buttermilk And Lassi 

If you have ever wondered what buttermilk and lassi are, here are the definitions. 

Takra - A Great Health Tonic

"He who uses Takra daily does not suffer from disease, and diseases cured by Takra do not recur; just as Amrita is for the Gods, Takra is for humans." Bhavaprakash Chapter 6.7

What Takra is, and how to make this great dairy health tonic.

The Advantages Of Eating Ghee

Ghee's great qualities: improving memory, intellect, digestive power, and the reproductive system. Ghee also reduces emaciation, mental disorders and fever, and prolongs life.


How commercial ghee is made, and how classical Ayurvedic ghee is made, and the big difference between the two.

 Instructions on how to make the best ghee.

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