Transcendental Meditation Changes Our Genes

Dr. Supaya Wenuganen (Wenu) describes his ground breaking research, showing that Transcendental Meditation has a beneficial effect on our DNA, literally reprogramming it. These beneficial changes in the DNA take place because the TM practitioners are more relaxed, giving the DNA a chance to repair itself.

By Hugh Finlay

Main Points

  • "There is a level of knowledge where you can accomplish anything - erase the coding of a gene and create a gene of enlightenment." Maharishi
  • The science of epigenetics reveals that genes can be reprogrammed instantly.
  • This reprogramming is passed onto the next generation.
  • TM produces beneficial changes in 74 genes.
  • TM calms down many genes, and wakes up other genes.
  • This reprogramming of the genes through TM slows down the aging process, and creates genes that can eliminate cancer.
  • TM works on the level of ojas, a more subtle level than the DNA.
  • Ojas, a beneficial substance at the basis of DNA, has been shown to be significantly higher in TM practitioners.


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